Tapered headrace bearings fitted

Current odometer reading: 46600 miles (no additional miles since cam chain tension reset).

A notch was evident in the steering, tending to return the handlebar to the straight forward position. It was decided to replace the headrace bearings, using modern tapered bearings as an upgrade.

Upon removing the bottom yoke and steering column, there was no rust or damage in evidence. It appeared that the bearings had been serviced before, but the original type ball bearings had been inserted or simply re-greased and put back.

Considerable difficulty was encountered when removing the old races, particularly the bottom race.

After reassembling the bike with the tapered bearings and new races, the notch in the steering has disappeared, and the steering operation is very light and smooth.


new tapered top bearing fitted after packing with grease.png

new tapered lower bearing, race and inner part fitted and packed with grease.png


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