Oil drained and replaced; oil filter replaced; exhaust leaks observed and repaired

Odometer reading at time of oil change: 45221 miles.

The following describes work carried out over a period of the last 3 days, during which the bike wasn’t ridden at all. This work was completed today 10/06/2017.

It was decided to replace all the oil and the oil filter. However, it was discovered that the sump plug drain bolt was seized, moreover that it was at an angle and could not be accessed with an ordinary ring spanner via the underside of the bike while the exhaust was fitted.

The exhaust was removed, and attempts were made to remove the sump plug drain bolt. However, it was too seized to move. It was decided to drain the oil via the oil level sensor, which is attached to the underside of the oil sump pan, and then to siphon off the remaining oil in the recesses of the oil sump pan using a hand pump. This operation was successful.

While the exhaust was removed, it was cleaned using Coke and wire wool. During this operation, several holes caused by corrosion were discovered in the exhaust. These were located at the joining pipe and in the silencer. The joining pipe was repaired using metal epoxy (not exhaust putty), offcuts of tin metal, and jubilee clamps. The silencer holes were bored wider to accommodate M6 screws, and screws were set in these using metal epoxy as a means of permanently plugging the leaks.

After draining the oil and refitting the oil level sensor and the exhaust, the oil was replaced in its entirety with Shell Advance 4T mineral oil, 15W40. A new oil filter (HiFlo Filtro brand) was fitted. The engine was started and the exhaust system repairs were found to be successful (i.e. there is no blowing around the repairs).



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